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FIM Buch: Die WeLearn Plattform FIM

WeLearn 2.3.2 Premium - September 2006

Wichtige Neuerungen und Änderungen von WeLearn 2.3.2 gegenüber 2.3.0 (September 2006)

  • General bugfixing
  • Permissions on Help in TopMenu have been fixed
  • Problems with LDAP have been fixed
  • MailTo Links in CPS packages work now
  • The result (success or not) of wizards is now shown after closing the wizard
  • "Menu" is changed to "Menu - Course"
  • The current day is specially marked in calendars. The color can be adapted in the stylesheet.
  • "Explore" is renamed to "Manage" within menus
  • The position of the Login/Logout item within the TopMenu is changed to last position
  • Shortened application name in more generic index.html, which makes it easier for administrators to install the application under a different context
  • ...

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